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Recommendations Nursery Petah Tikva


“I know Elena Arussi, director of  nursery "Or BaLev" for seven years. She was the kindergarten teacher of my eldest son Guy and then my little son Natan.

Elena has extensive knowledge of Maria Montessori method and I think, perhaps one of the few teachers in the Israel, who really are healthy and control this method.

This method is so effective and familiar in the world, that each child is given real freedom of choice, the possibility of developing natural talents that are inherent in it, and is intriguing, develops emotional intelligence, motor skills and takes into consideration the real needs of each child.

Elena is a very professional kindergarten teacher, sensitive to the needs of every child, who knows how to read and feel every toddler and toddler, and already in early childhood, to direct him in the directions that are right for him, for each child is unique.

I recommend from personal experience as a mother about the nursery in the heart because it is safe for every child to be educated there, to receive a warm and loving attitude, a knowledge that is not accepted in other places and most importantly, the child knew himself and his real needs and talents thanks to the method of Maria Montessori In it and know to apply for the best way! ”

Keisy Zlotnitsky, September 2018



“Elena Arussi is a wonderful kindergarten teacher! She loves each children, absorbing her knowledge and feeling. My two daughters grew up with her, of course we love her. And most importantly, she can be trusted with eyes closed. ”

Elena Shvartsman, November 2018



“Elena combines great diligence, love for her profession and children. She always tries to find a personal approach to each child. Elena is a good psychologist of kindergarten children, a teacher and a true teacher. ”

Yulia Tsitronova, December 2018



“Our princess is growing up and I was thinking about activities and meetings with other children. We are still not ready to send the girl for a whole day alone, so I checked all the Facebook groups for personal recommendations "kindergarten with a mother in Petah Tikva" for a few hours a day, and everyone recommended the place called "Or Balev". I read before and felt good with Montessori education - to give real freedom and to support natural development. We came and just fell in love with the atmosphere, were very impressed with the professional staff, enjoyed the games and selected activities in the place. Thank you.”

Ilana Peled, June 2019

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